About us

Tawa of Texas adheres to best efficient method to procuring energy. Tawa is responsible for authorizing and distribution of electricity generated from solar manufacturing plant. Tawa of Texas effectively leverage energy usage and strategically reducing the risks association with energy distribution.

Competitive Market

  • Competitive markets let energy users decide how much risk they are willing to bear. Buying energy is not always about price.
  • You must balance the cost of energy with your unique tolerance for risk. The lower the price, the higher the risk.
  • Because we understand the markets, we can effectively match the products with your risk tolerance and business needs.
  • Tawa has great relationships with many electric suppliers throughout the United States and because of this we can offer competitive rates for our clients. Our goal is to find best supplier that meets our client’s needs.

Why Tawa

  • We are very competitive for our energy contract.
  • We have market knowledge that is unique from the peers.
  • We are very transparent in our processes.

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